Student Background Checks

The TrionAid Student Background Screening Program

A student background check is a type of screening that is done specifically on students, most commonly ones that are applying for internships in sensitive fields such as health care. Trionaid provides detailed background checks and drug screenings to assist employers in choosing the best candidates for clinical rotations and internships.

Why Student Background Checks are a Must

Trionaid is a full-service background investigative company, and student background checks are a large part of our service offerings. Our investigators have the knowledge and expertise to review background reports and identify areas of concern. For internships where students will be working directly with people, sensitive documents or sensitive materials, having a person with a clean background is essential. In fact, there is no better way to protect the reputation of your practice and the patients it serves than by screening the people who walk through your doors.

How a Student Background Check Works

For most colleges and universities, they start their internship process by assigning students to various clinical programs. This gives the clinic a chance to run and review the background reports and decide whether they want to accept the student into their program.

Here is where Trionaid comes into the picture. Our investigators run the necessary reports and review the information. We do a positive identification and ensure that the student has a clean background. Many clinics also require that their candidates take and pass a drug test.

Depending on the nature of the internship, the following background reports can be run by Trionaid investigators:

Screening Services
  • Positive Identification
  • Maiden / AKA Name Search
  • Criminal History Searches
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Motor Vehicle Driving Record
  • Drug Screening
  • Medical Sanction Screening
Screening Benefits
  • Students found to have disqualifying criminal convictions will be prohibited from occupying spaces that otherwise could go to students with full eligibility for academic or training programs requiring internships and /or eventual licensure.
  • Conducting criminal background screenings may provide the institution with a defense to subsequent claims of negligent admission or placement, breach of duty to protect or provide a safe environment, or other causes of action. The institution may be able to assert that, by conducting the criminal background checks, it exercised reasonable care to prevent harm.
  • It may protect the reputation of the institution by avoiding any negative publicity by precluding the enrollment of students that may cause harm to another individual.
Schools & Institutions
  • TRIONAID provides the school with detailed information about the program, including turnaround times and pricing to be handed out to the students.
  • After completion of the screening process, results are automatically emailed to the school / institution and the student.
  • 24/7 access to results. The school / institution has indefinite to all screening results, which are kept in secure database.
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